domingo, junio 03, 2007

back to the Book Fair

Book Fair is stilll open ( I think until next weekend) and I was there yesterday again, with some friends who write poetry and have made their own magazine called 13Trenes.
Weather was hot (it's June, don't you know that!?) and there were a LOT of people everywhere... so it's ok if you want to take a break and sit down under an umbrella... although I'd rather get lost under some huge tree ;)

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At 3/6/07 11:19, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I think it is odd but with the Internet and free books online and all the modern things you plug into your ears and listen to music and such that a book fair would have to much traffic but there is something about books that draws people. Old books, and new books, and used books. A book fair is my cup of tea too. I like you photograph of the event.

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At 3/6/07 11:57, Blogger Martel said...

it is an interesting initiative. In Martel we have a small bookshop, unfortunately not much of choice. Fortunately there is Internet

Today before and after the principal place of Martel.
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At 3/6/07 12:33, Blogger Glenn Standish said... is a really interesting initiative. Thanks for visiting Toruń Daily Photo!

At 3/6/07 13:07, Blogger Beetle said...

I love to see the red umbrella and chairs...and loves book as well and prefer to read it under the tree in sunny day

At 3/6/07 13:35, Blogger Steve Buser said...

Hard to make out the faces, but most of the crowd looks pretty mature. Hope that books are not something lost on the x-generation ( or whatever the current one is).

At 3/6/07 16:33, Blogger Matritensis said...

¡Por fin he estado dónde me dijiste! pásate por mi blog, espero que te gusten las fotos

At 3/6/07 17:14, Blogger Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Looks that all this people around had a great time at Book Fair!

At 3/6/07 20:36, Blogger Poly said...

Increible, una feria del libro a cielo abierto.

Aca (no solo en la ciudad de Mexico sino en el resto del pais) estamos acostumbrados a hacerlo en edificios grandes y cerrados, y tambien parcen hormigueros por la cantidad de visitantes.


At 3/6/07 20:42, Blogger Per Stromsjo said...

Hot? No kidding? Phew, I still remember a business trip to Madrid in late June 2000. I missed most of the city due to the heat which basically kept me indoors for the week. A pity really. I’ll have to compensate through your blog these days… :)

At 3/6/07 21:07, Blogger Monica said...

Seems a great place and season to be right now. I like the sun in your last photos.

Is it hot in Spain right now? It looks warm!

At 3/6/07 21:44, Blogger alice said...

So, I know where the sun is...Rain here tonight! I do like books, a book fair sounds nice!

At 3/6/07 23:30, Blogger Dsole said...

yes Ab, books have something special that you can't find elsewhere..

Steve, I can tell there was a lot of young and little people there! no lost of books in X-generation!

Poly, yo desde siempre la he visto en el parque del Retiro... otros eventos sí que se hacen bajo techo... pero siemopre mejor al aire libre, verdad?

Per, you're always wellcome here! :)

Mon, yesterday was hot, today was less hot, now it's 23:30 at it's 20ºC, cool!

Alice, I can let you a little piece of sun., but don't tell anybody, ok? ;)

Thank you guys!!


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