viernes, mayo 18, 2007

between the green

This is something I found this afternoon next to Colon Square. It's a woman sculpture I photographed some time ago (but I didn't posted it). Now I think this shot is more interesting and greener! Friday Fever! ^^

Esto es algo que me he encontrado esta tarde cerca de la Plaza de Colón. Es una estatua de una mujer a la que hice una foto hace ya algún tiempo (pero no la publiqué), sin embargo la de hoy me gusta más, con todo ese verde alrededor... Y ya es viernes!! Pasadlo bien!!

Listening to Bod Dylan Changing of the guards

Ok, if you want to check out her face... I've posted the photo I took some time ago, maybe last year, here


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At 18/5/07 20:35, Blogger Olivier said...

belle photo, bonne idee de la photographier de ce cote là. j'aime beaucoup.
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

there beautiful photograph, good idea to photograph it of this dimension. I like much. I wish you a good weekend

At 18/5/07 20:43, Blogger Monica said...

The angle you chose is very interesting. The whole frame is nice and makes us curious about the rest.

At 18/5/07 22:01, Blogger angela said...

Intriguing angle. Did you take a photo from the other dide too.
The park is lovely and green.

At 18/5/07 22:06, Blogger Chuckeroon said...

As Angela says-interesting angle

At 19/5/07 00:39, Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said...

Everything looks so green in Madrid. I love the white statue sticking out in all the beautiful colors.

At 19/5/07 03:39, Blogger Annie said...

Ah, the female form is beautiful, even in stone.

At 19/5/07 08:18, Blogger Martel said...

A beautiful photograph this statue in the park.

My blog photographs one Martel

At 19/5/07 13:01, Blogger Matritensis said...

He visto mil veces esta estatua, pero no sé a qué está dedicada, lo que me impresiona de ella es la cara de desesperación que tiene. Siempre que paso por allí me fijo en su cara y no veo más, será por eso que no sé a qué está dedicada.

Buen finde

At 19/5/07 13:44, Anonymous Anónimo said...

An interesting photograph. And I like it. I was struck from the angle of your photograph.

My mind went blank for a second and then I looked again and saw a puzzled naked lady with hand to head, thinking, "Where am I?" Lost in a sea of shrubbery.

At 20/5/07 13:28, Blogger Kala said...

I am glad you posted this - I do the same - take pictures and do not think to post untio later when I appreciate it a little more - this is an interesting shot butI love the beautiful weather and greenery!!!


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