miércoles, mayo 09, 2007

Nebraska in Madrid

And this is a famous cafe in Gran Vía, NEBRASKA as in the States :) Do you know any bar/restaurant called as a city in your town?
That's a reciprocal post for Omaheña, from Omaha (Nebraska) ^^ (thank youuu)

Una cafetería típica de la Gran Vía, NEBRASKA, como la EEUU :) ¿Conoceís algún garito de moda con nombre de ciudad?
Este va de vuelta para Omaheña, de Omaha (Nebraska) ^^ (graciasss)

Listening to Macaco Somos luz


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At 10/5/07 00:00, Blogger zentmrs said...

Nebraska in Madrid? Great picture!

We have a wonderful Indian restaurant in San Diego called "Bombay" .... possibly many cities have a restaurant called this?

At 10/5/07 00:18, Blogger TeamSplashi said...

Nice photo.
We in Portland Oregon (usa) have Pizzeria ROMA .

btw are you Atletico fan or Real?

At 10/5/07 00:57, Blogger Omaheña said...

Yea!! Thank you! How fun! And red is the color for our American football team - the Huskers. That's amazing that there is something about Nebraska there! I posted a while ago (16/03/07) about a restaurant here in Omaha (owned by my friend!) called Espana. It is a tapas bar, and has great sangria.
Gracias por la foto! Cuando vaya a Madrid algun dia, tendre que buscar los duenos - a ver si son de aqui.)

At 10/5/07 02:13, Blogger Annie said...

And do these places feature steak dinners? That would be the Nebraska way.

At 10/5/07 07:24, Blogger Lavenderlady said...

What a surprise! I could imagine a lot of names for restaurants I might have seen in Madrid...but this was not one of them.

At 10/5/07 11:29, Anonymous kris said...

Seem pretty popular from the crowds. Coincidence, i posted venezia pizzaria yesterday.

At 10/5/07 11:29, Blogger lynn said...

Busy, interesting shot! Lots to see i love it.

I've posted a photo today of missing UK girl Madeleine. Grateful if you would look at her photo - the more people who see her of course the more chance of her being found safely. Thank you.

At 10/5/07 11:39, Blogger angela said...

There are lots of eateries named after Venice, Rome, Delhi etc up and down the coast but I can't think of any American cities offhand.

At 10/5/07 14:49, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I like your photo. I also like your narrative.

We have Chinese restaurants all over called China, and Great Wall, and Clint Eastwood (movie star)used to have a restaurant in California named, "The Hog's Breath."

I posted about ducks today and their odd sexual conduct.

At 10/5/07 15:58, Blogger Olivier said...

voila, comme cela tu voyages sans prendre l'avion, c'est sympathique non

veiled, like that you voyages without taking the plane, it is sympathetic nerve not

At 10/5/07 19:18, Anonymous Poly said...

Liverpool en Mexico, que es como el Corte ingles en España. Voy a poner ua foto de ellos para seguir la idea que ha iniciado.


At 10/5/07 21:01, Blogger Per Stromsjo said...

The only one I can think of at the moment is a Chinese restaurant Hong Kong (how many of those are there…?) but I bet we could find several examples in Stockholm.

At 11/5/07 00:21, Blogger Dsole said...

I think Bombay and Hong kong are really well know for restaurants uh?

Omaheña, i remember that posta and the funny times you had there!

Annie, i don't think so... it's more like ice-cream and this kind of stuff (yummy yummy)

Olivier, i like what you've said, travel without flying (that's DPB too!)

thank you guys!! :)

At 12/5/07 13:56, Blogger Nathalie said...

We don't have Nebraska either in France or in Australia, as far as I know.

At 13/5/07 03:35, Blogger Chris in Madison said...

Nice photo - it's quite jarring! Does it serve American food?

Here in Madison we have Kabul, a delicious Afghan restaurant that has been downtown for years.

At 13/5/07 07:06, Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said...

Dsole, what kind of food does it serve? American style food? Burgers?

At 14/5/07 00:48, Blogger Kala said...

hmmm we have a place called Toyko yada but not really sure what its called - thats the only place i know of - this is interesting - I wonder why Nebraska -


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