miércoles, julio 18, 2007

Enjoy the summer

When it's really hot you can do some things... stay at home, stay in some place with air-condition or if you like being at the street.. enjoy the hot!
I'll be on vacation pretty sooooooon!!!

Cuando el calor aprieta tienes varias opciones... estar en casa, estar en algún sitio con aire acondicionado, o si te gusta la calle, disfrutar del calorcito!! ;)
¡¡Me falta muy poquito para mis vacaciones!!

Listening to Miguel Domingo & Tiza La Primera Piedra


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At 18/7/07 20:21, Blogger Ame said...


Thanks for the visit! Long time no seeeeeeee! ;)

It DOES look hot...and those silly people, they should get out of the sun and into the fountain!


Going anywhere fun on your vacation?


At 19/7/07 01:35, Blogger isabella said...

How hot is it? Did you take your siesta today? ;-)

At 19/7/07 04:40, Blogger Steve Buser said...

Looks like activities with little movement are what most people are choosing to do.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

At 19/7/07 09:15, Blogger Dsole said...

oh Isabella, i wish I could handle a siesta, but I stay at work form 10 to 18 so no siesta for me!

Ame, I'll probably go to Galicia, which is in the north of Spain and it a very beautiful place! :) You're right, they should take a fresh bath there! hehe

Steve, that's true!
Thank you for your visits! =)

At 19/7/07 12:40, Blogger Jilly said...

Look like a beautiful place to walk, to relax to sit and chat. Hot here too! We need rain!

At 19/7/07 13:22, Blogger Olivier said...

une belle place, mais je me verrais bien sous les arbres avec cette chaleur.

a beautiful place, but I would see myself well under the trees with this heat.

At 19/7/07 19:32, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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Perhaps it is the place in Madrid with the statue of Don Quichotte?
I remember the site!
Greetings from the Netherlands,

At 19/7/07 23:28, Anonymous bluechic said...

Have a nice vacation!

At 20/7/07 01:57, Blogger GMG said...

So you're preparing to leave us working and head to Rias Bajas for the seafood. That's an injustice, yes it is... ;((
Enjoy and visit us... ;))


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