jueves, junio 14, 2007

2 women

I don't know what can I say about this shot... I guess it's funny to see the young lady dressed with summer clothes and the senior one with a jacket and some dark colours.
By the way this is near my house. Have a great day!

No sé muy bien qué decir sobre esta foto... tal vez que me hace gracia ver la diferencia de ropa entre las 2 mujeres, una de verano y la otra de invierno.
Es una calle cerquita a mi casa. ¡Pasad un buen día!

Listening to Heros del Silencio El estanque


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At 14/6/07 09:49, Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said...

Interesting observation! I would not have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned the summer/winter clothes.

At 14/6/07 09:51, Blogger Matritensis said...

Así se pillan los catarros!!!
Por culpa de ir abrigado con calor y veraniego con fresco me he pillado un trancazo horroroso cof cof

At 14/6/07 10:04, Blogger GMG said...

Funny shot! Don't think that young lady could go out dressed like that today, at least in Lisbon. It's incredible this June: tonight it poured... Hope you have it better in Madrid. Enjoy!

At 14/6/07 12:31, Blogger Nazzareno said...

Mirándonos bien n'è una tercera con vestidos otoñales.... Bueno día también a ti.

At 14/6/07 13:19, Blogger anu said...

Yeah, I wouldnt have noticed too.
Nice shot. Looks like a nice area to live.

At 14/6/07 13:42, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Old people get cold easier, and faster than younger people. I can attest to that. They don't move as fast either.

Nice shot for comparison.

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At 14/6/07 18:39, Anonymous Piika said...

I think that older people feel colder faster....?

At 15/6/07 12:23, Blogger Kalyan said...

Its really funny indeed...Well spotted & nicely captured shot!

At 15/6/07 15:48, Blogger Chuckeroon said...

A fine street scene, Dsole.

I was only once in Madrid at a conference so I saw only inside of the hotel. It's obviously a very fine city.

At 15/6/07 16:50, Anonymous Lessie said...

What a nice green, breezy neighborhood!


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