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¿Cuánto cuesta? (kwan-to kwes-tah)

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¿Cuánto cuesta? = How much is it?
If you're in Madrid any Sunday morning you have to go to Rastro! (Click here for some english and useful information ) This is our bigger street market and you'll find there almost anything you want. I was there last Sunday and many people did the same as you can see.

I found that Rastro is called like that because in the 16th century, there were slaughterhouse near the area and the slaughtered animals were dragged (arrastrados) from it to the nearby tanning houses (curtidores), leaving a blood trail (or rastro) (from Wikipedia)... ouch, that's an awful story... but keep on coming ;)

Si pasas en Madrid un domingo por la mañana no puedes dejar de visitar el Rastro! Este es nuestro mercadillo más popular y allí encontrarás prácticamente todo lo que quieras. Pasé por allí el domingo pasado y como veís mucha gente hizo lo mismo.

Acabo de leer que el nombre de Rastro viene del siglo XVI cuando en la zona había mataderos y el ganado de matanza se arrastraba por la calle hasta los curtidores, dejando un rastro de sangre... ups... es una historia bastante horrible, pero bueno, supongo que está bien saberlo.
Pasad un buen día!

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At 14/4/07 13:10, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I lilke your photograph better than the historical picture of the slaughtering of animals.

At 14/4/07 16:36, Blogger Monica said...

Great to see you back Dsole! Hope you have a great week end.
It's so funny to see written how one should pronunciate 'cuanto cuesta'. I have to say, I find it much easier to just say cuanto cuesta (for us it's quanto custa, very similar) without having to look how to pronunciate it. But I imagine that for people of other countries it must be a good clue!

At 14/4/07 17:03, Blogger magiceye said...

the picture seems fun but not the history!

At 14/4/07 17:26, Blogger Kate said...

That phrase seems to be one of the first that tourist learn in a Spanish speaking country. I used it a good deal!! I'm going to study Spanish in earnest in order to communicate more fully next winter in Maz. I guess I'll have to practice soon on some of you bloggers. One thing I miss are the markets; wish we had them year round, but the MN winters bars that pleasureable activity. Your last few photos seem to have many crowd scenes; you must be out and about quite a bit!

At 14/4/07 18:19, Blogger Annie said...

I imagine, Dsole, that some teenagers might be drug to Rastro by the parents out of the house on Sundays. At least here in the US teenagers like to sleep all day on the weekends.

At 14/4/07 18:34, Blogger Dsole said...

Annie, you mean dug no?
If I go out at saturday night I don't usually go to Rastro, I'd rather sleep as far as I can.... :)

Monica, yes I find it funny too. that's for english speakers. i guess your language and mine is more similar!

Kate c'mon and try to write in spanish next time!

At 14/4/07 19:15, Blogger Per Stromsjo said...

I imagine the tourist authorities would appreciate if you rephrased that blood trail story slightly… ;)

At 14/4/07 19:52, Blogger M.Benaut said...

I do actually enlarge your marvellous photos and I'm not sure whether to buy the T-shirt saying El Gran Dictador or Sex Instructor.
The poor man in the centre foreground is not too happy being photographed !
Lovely market shot.

At 14/4/07 20:05, Blogger Dsole said...

Per, I really don't like the story at all.. but it was 400 years ago...

M benaut, you're right, ahaha :)

Thank u for dropping by

At 15/4/07 02:09, Blogger photowannabe said...

That's a lot of people going to market. It looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. Glad to have you back again Dsole.

At 15/4/07 04:07, Blogger Han said...

So many people...makes my city seem like a ghost town! The market looks exciting, thanks for the tip :)

At 15/4/07 08:29, Blogger Lavenderlady said...

I love these big markets...there is so much life in them. When I enlarged the picture I struck by one young ladies smile. I think she wass thinking aobut what she was going to buy...or a great date the night before.

At 15/4/07 09:41, Blogger Jing said...

seems today someone opened the door to go through the great wall here.
nice to see the photos of your city again.

wow...amazing crowded!!hee hee...it let me think of my city again...

nice sunday

shanghai daily photo

At 15/4/07 11:02, Blogger Kala said...

that is some story!!! I cant imagine being in that sea of humans - that is alot of people! it looks like it is still cold there?

At 15/4/07 11:06, Blogger Kala said...

I dont think I have any Janis Joplin.

I just heard of music by Jose Gonzalez - its awesome i think - you can listen to his song on my other blog:

This is now my fav song until I can find another one =)

I like that you post what song you listen to.

At 15/4/07 20:25, Blogger Poly said...

En Mexico aundan esos sitios, les decimos "tiangis" el mas famososde todos esta en Tepito, el barrio bravo.

Me dare un vuelta por alla(por Tepito) para consguir unas fotos y colocarlas en Mexico DP.



At 16/4/07 09:51, Blogger mi foto said...

Ya estaba echando de menos una foto del rastro en tu blog.
(Y la música recomendada ideal)


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