viernes, agosto 10, 2007

Near Atocha station is Ministry of Agriculture which has an impossing set of brozen sculptures in its top.
Can you see a little Bart Simpson over there? I guess it's the only yellow point in the pic! have a nice weekend!!

Cerca de la estación de Atocha está el Ministerio de Agricultura, que presenta unas esculturas impresionantes en lo más alto.
pasad buen finde!

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At 10/8/07 22:31, Blogger GMG said...

Hi Dsole, glad to see you back. Had a terrible week so had no chance to come here often.
Love to see Bart here... and the Roy Lichtenstein sculpture. The latter picture remembers me one I took at the Plitvice Lakes (Blogtrotter 70s & 80s).
Have a great weekend!

At 11/8/07 17:05, Blogger Jilly said...

What a beautiful building and sculptures. Love the skies too!

At 12/8/07 17:06, Blogger Matritensis said...

La plaza de Carlos V es una de las más bonitas de Madrid y el edificio del Ministerio es precioso. Lástima que esté siempre atestado de tráfico.
Si yo fuese Gallardón haría una megaobra y haría peatonal la plaza :P

At 12/8/07 17:12, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Now I miss Madrid.....

At 13/8/07 20:02, Blogger Dsole said...

Madre mía, Matritensis, que note oiga!! jajaja! aunque nop estaría nada mal tu idea eh? jejeje

Gil, i'm glad to see you around here :) I hope everthing's going great now for you

Piika, Those are nice words to me!

Lilly thank you so!


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