sábado, enero 20, 2007

Bus Station at Plaza Castilla

It's weird how is weather nowadays... I've seen blogs of our friends in North Europe with photos of the windy days and ice storms which makes me wonder what's happening with the weather. Friday in Madrid begun really foggy, but then it started to change, and the sun appeared at midday and made a beautiful and sunny day as you can see (even it's cold because we're on winter anyway) in the big bus station at Plaza Castilla.
How is you day in your city?

El tiempo anda algo raro últimamente... he estado viendo en los blogs de nuestros compañeros del norte de Europa las consecuencias de los distintos temporales de viento, tormenta y hielo que ha habido estos días por allí. Aquí en Madrid ayer empezó con una niebla intensa, pero a media mañana el sol salió y se quedó un día luminoso (aunque frío, porque estamos en invierno de toas formas) como el que veis en el intercambiador de autobuses de Plaza Castilla.
¿Qué tal hace hoy en tu ciudad?

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At 20/1/07 06:31, Anonymous Anónimo said...

wheather is crazy... it's summer but sometimes it rains then sunshine. Today,it was foggy but at noon the sun brighted a lot.

Peru Trujillo está Feliz porque ya se inció la Fiesta de la Marinera... ^.^

saludos Sole

At 20/1/07 08:24, Anonymous Anónimo said...

In Athens is almost late spring. Sunny days, high degrees. But I know Madrid is especially hot in the summer, just like Athens. Maybe our cities like to extend the sunny days to cover the whole year :-)

At 20/1/07 16:24, Anonymous Rudy Girón said...

Dsole, you were telling me the weather is cold in Madrid, but today you give us a photo that shows sunshine and warm colors. You are so right, the weather is a-changing.

I remember seen a cartoon in which an a doubtful Bush ask the question/remark, What do you mean we are changing the climate around the world? Well, we all are, some of us more than others.

I happy to report that even though we are in the winter season in Guatemala, we are in an ice-cream-eating frenzy.

At 20/1/07 17:34, Anonymous Anónimo said...

humm the sun. We need that also here in Rotterdam. Thursday storm and tonight again a stormy night

everyday rotterdam

At 20/1/07 18:39, Blogger Gerald England said...

Here, though the wind has quietened it feels bitterly cold and we had a shower of hailstones this morning. Snow is expected next week.

At 20/1/07 19:06, Anonymous Anónimo said...

It looks lovely there.
Today in Nice it was cloudy but still warmish. Next week, though, it will be Winter according to the Meteo.

At 20/1/07 21:25, Blogger piika said...

Hola Dsole!
It's cold cold cold here in Ontario. -13 deg. Cel.!!!

At 22/1/07 10:16, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Looks beautiful! Much better than 3°C and rain! ;-)


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