domingo, enero 14, 2007

Music in the street

It's very usual to find streets musicians in the main streets of the city centre (as in the main Metro stations). This band were playing Four Season by antonio Vivaldi in Carmen street at one shopping-centre entry, and were really good at it! Life is better with music uh?

Es bastante normal encontrar músicos ofreciendo conciertos en las calles del centro (también en las estaciones de Metro más concurridas). Esta banda estaba tocando las 4 estaciones de Vivaldi, y lo hacían realmente bien! la vida es mucho mejor con música de fondo ¿verdad? :)

Listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Somewhere over the rainbow

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At 14/1/07 20:36, Anonymous Anónimo said...

You are right, music makes an atmosphere quite different in every place and is some times also irritating, I must say.
But it makes feelings deeper, bring to mind memories and is enjoyable and admirable . . . .
Music is simply a fine thing :)
Have a week like beautiful music, dsole!

At 16/1/07 07:28, Blogger Lavender Lady said...

Ah is better with music. I can't imagine life without it. I love to stop and listen to street musicians play. We don't have many here in Sequim, but in Victoria..very common.

At 19/1/07 15:04, Anonymous Oya said...

Playing Vivaldi...They must be talented. Love to listen to music on the streets. Nobody really appreciates them, but they do make a diffrence in our lives.


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