viernes, abril 27, 2007

What would you do?

If you were that man sitting on the bus stand (in the shadows)... You'd have two options... Keep on waiting for the bus or jumping and get into that awesome opened-door car! ;)

See? This photo was taken on Monday (before the rainy days) near Plaza de Castilla.
Have a great day!

Si fueras ese hombre sentado en la parada del autobús (en la sombra)... Tendrías dos opciones... Seguir esperando o saltar a ese cacho de coche con las puertas abiertas a modo de invitación! ;)

¿Veis? Esta foto la hice el lunes, antes de toda la lluvia de después, cerca de Plaza Castilla.
¡Pasad un día genial!

Listening to... ooops I'm late!


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At 27/4/07 12:10, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and commenting.

This photograph today give me a view of your city that I would never have expected. Honest, for me to close my eyes and dream about Spain what I see is not what I see in your clever photograph. I see a man on a stallion, riding through the rugged mountains, and following close behind is another man, less well dressed, riding on a tiny donkey. I just can't get that Don Quixote image out of my head.

I also see bull fights and matadors being carried out of the ring.

I see bulls running through streets and in front of them a crowd of crazy people screaming for their lives.

Those scenes race through my head when I come to your "Madrid: blog. I am almost stunned to see scenes like this one today. It looks just like every city street I have seen in America. I would feel like Rip Van Winkle who woke up 100 years later and looked around and would think this much be Cleveland or maybe Cincinnati, Ohio. But no, it is Madrid.

I am always impressed when I come to your blog.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

At 27/4/07 12:54, Anonymous Anónimo said...

all these side streets and little images of Madrid make me miss it quite a bit....

At 27/4/07 14:47, Blogger Olivier said...

j'imagine le conducteur de la voiture, si la personne qui attend le bus, monte dans la voiture ;o).
bel instantané. je te souhaite un bon weekend

I imagine the driver of the car, if the person who awaits the bus, gets into the car; O). beautiful instantaneous. I wish you a good weekend

At 27/4/07 15:46, Blogger Strangetastes said...

This is what psychologists call a projective test. The picture is open to many different interpretations. An individual's answer may say something about him or herself. My first thought is that I would go to the open door of the BMW and ask the driver if I could take his/her picture amidst all the confusing controls. But I would not have the courage to do that. Then I would wonder about the owner of the car: why would anyone in Spain buy such an ostentations, very expensive car, with a fuel tank that might cost €80 to fill? I would guess that the owner was insecure and needed to show off their status.


St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

At 27/4/07 16:53, Blogger Monica said...

LOL! I think the man will jump in the car if it keeps its door open for another minute! Who would resist it!

The red sign in the back, is that another driving school?

At 28/4/07 04:28, Blogger Annie said...

Yes, and imagine that the person in the car is a lovely woman who is beckoning him.

At 28/4/07 09:34, Blogger Kalyan said...

Interesting one...I would prefer the car...well captured shot too!

At 28/4/07 11:07, Anonymous Helen said...

I think I would continue to wait for the bus. Nice shot.

At 28/4/07 13:40, Blogger Dsole said...

Wow, Lincoln,
I think you have such an old vision of Spain! I'm glad that you're starting to change your mind. there are so many myths around Spain that I don't really like!

Piika, you're almost here! ;)

Olivier, have a great weekend you too!

Strangetastes... you have an interesting point of view! When I see such an expensive car I always think... well If I had that money I would waste it traveling! But nowadays you see a lot of expensive cars... I think people like to show off these kind of things... what a shame, true?

Monica, yes it's another driving school!

Aniie that would be a really nice end of the story!

Thank you also Jalyan and helen, I'd wait for the bus too :)

At 28/4/07 23:42, Blogger Kala said...

I would jump into the car for sure - esp. if you were driving coz then you could show me your beautiful city and have some great conversation on the history of this wonderful place =)


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