jueves, marzo 22, 2007

Nightfall in Callao

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This is Plaza de Callao from Gran Via street, in downtown. I really like the shape of these buildings and the dark blue sky there. (In the middle you find Carrión building -or Schweppes one- I have showed it to you before). This is a square so alive, and no matter the hour of the day, you won't be bored there! :)

Esta es la Plaza de Callao vista desde la Gran Vía, en el centro. De esta foto me gusta la forma de los edificios frente al cielo azul oscuro (en el medio resalta el edificio Carrión, que ya os lo enseñé antes). Esta es una plaza con mucho ambiente, y da igual la hora, no conseguirás aburrirte por allí! :)

Listening to Los Fresones rebeldes Al amanecer

NOTE: I have posted some pics of my last travel to Gran Canaria.. so if you want to check out where I was somedays of February... just take a look here!

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At 22/3/07 12:15, Blogger Ovelikios said...

Awesome shot! I never manage to shoot good night photos. But I guess I will learn with time :-)

Thanks for visiting Athens DP, I just placed there a comment for you.

At 22/3/07 12:34, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I really like your photograph. I keep forgetting to go outside at night and take pictures. I guess it is something you plan.
720 pixels

At 22/3/07 17:21, Blogger ~tanty~ said...

Very nice night shot! May I know the name of your relative in Stavanger? Maybe I can find something for you :)

At 22/3/07 20:34, Blogger Annie said...

I think you are inspiring me to try my luck with night shots. Madrid does seem to be so full of life and excitement.

At 22/3/07 21:13, Blogger Dsole said...

Ovelikios, i'm wondering if our Queen has dive in your swimming pool!!

Mr Lincoln, for me is easier to take this night-photographs of downtown because it's when I'm more used to be around there. In fact, there are lots of places that I only know by night!

Tanty, I let you know! ;)

Annie, you should do it! at night everything is different! Even Little Rock! :)

At 22/3/07 22:47, Blogger Per Stromsjo said...

Ah, this is the kind of night shot I like. Fewer neon lights and more of that dusky sky. All the magic I’d need.

At 23/3/07 00:16, Blogger Rafe Totengco said...

nice shot. makes me want to visit. must be fun there.

At 23/3/07 05:31, Blogger Kuanyin said...

I took a bunch of night photos last night, and I'll post some tomorrow...they look weird. Good shots!

At 23/3/07 07:14, Blogger photowannabe said...

Nice night shot and I like how your pictures take me to places I have never been.

At 23/3/07 10:22, Blogger Dsole said...

Per, thank you!

Rafe, thank u for dropping by :)

Kuanyin, I'll visit your blog to see them!

Photowannabe, that's the dailyphotoblog game uh? To take each other blogger to places they haven't been! :)

At 23/3/07 10:42, Blogger Chuckeroon said...

Thanks for dropping in again, D. I'll try to keep the Thames flowing for you!

At 23/3/07 19:33, Blogger Oya said...

Like Taksim in Istanbul. No matter what time it is, always a happy crowd...Have a nice weekend my friend:)

At 24/3/07 04:55, Blogger Poly said...

Estimada Dsole:

Ahora que invitaste a Nacho a tu blog, apenas si me dejan ver las fotos que ponen, casi no les puedo seguir el paso porque eso de trabajar haciendo experimentos me quita tiempo para los blogs.

Estupendas fotos la quenos muestras



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