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Blood donation

This is La paz Hospital in Madrid, Blood donation Unit. It was a moment really sunny.

In a donation, 400 ml of blood are extracted, plus other 50 ml for later tests (to determine the sanguineous group, quality of blood, possible diseases). In Spain only those who are under 18 years old and weight more than 50 kg are allowed to donate.
It's a very important and solidary event in which you help in a disinterested way to people with healthy troubles. Check what wikipedia says about blood donation here.

Esto es la unidad de donantes de sangre del hospital de La Paz en Madrid. Fue un momento realmente soleado!
En una donación, se extraen 400 ml de sangre, más otros 50 para otros test (grupo sanguíneo, calidad de la muestra, posibles enfermedades). En España, sólo aquellos mayores de 18 años y que pesen más de 50 kg pueden donar.
Es un acto muy importante y solidario, el ayudar a gente de forma desinteresada.

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At 3/2/07 19:26, Blogger photowannabe said...

Its a very simple act of charity which can save someone's life. Thanks for the reminder and the picture.

At 4/2/07 04:38, Blogger Annie said...

Did you mean to say only those over 18 can donate blood - or is it only the young who can donate?

At 4/2/07 07:38, Blogger Carraol said...

Buena causa y buena foto!

At 4/2/07 09:49, Blogger alice said...

In France too, you must be at less 18 and your weight over 50 kg if you want to give your blood and you have to answer many many questions: every one remembers contaminated blood scandal...


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