jueves, enero 04, 2007

Mind the hole!

It's since a long time that Madrid's ground is open to sky... (and that's not because of the underground) We've been suffering one-day-changeable signs, traffics cuts by surprise... We're so tired of that, sometimes it's like a nightmare when you have to drive thru this place. They say it all will be finished by March-April, then it'll be more close the time to vote and we'll be happy with the results... Oh, what a coincidence!

Desde hace mucho tiempo, el suelo de Madrid está abierto al cielo (y no por el Metro precisamente) . Sufrimos las obras, los cortes de tráficos, las señales que cambian de un día para otro... Es una pesadilla conducir por ahi. Dicen que todo habrá terminado sobre Marzo-Abril, cuando esté más cerca el momento de votar y estemos ya contentos con los resultados... ¿Coincidencias?

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At 4/1/07 12:36, Anonymous Anónimo said...

You are a bit of a cynic, I see.

Most of us are cynical about governmental promises and timing for the vote!!

At 4/1/07 13:12, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Yes, you are right no matter what mayor is in charge, Madrid is always building up something.
A pesar del alcalde que haya, Madrid siempre está en obras. Un saludo. (Gracias por el apoyo moral)

At 4/1/07 13:53, Blogger piika said...

Fuimos a madrid el junio pasado y habia mucho polvo en el aire - terrible!

At 4/1/07 14:11, Anonymous Anónimo said...

good thinking on having both english and spanish.
To answer your question on my blog:
the place in the image is a part of "western Ghats" in southern India.

At 4/1/07 14:18, Blogger GiuCe said...

destruir pa' construir... todo un círculo vicioso. Lo malo que en ese tránsito hay muchos elemntos en el aire.

muchos saludos!

At 4/1/07 19:12, Anonymous Anónimo said...

It was nice to find your blog! Thank you for visiting my site.
But what is coming on this place - a huge
shopping center or parking house - perhaps? As everywhere else - like "mushrooms in rain" as we use to say :)

At 4/1/07 19:30, Blogger Dsole said...

They're making a tunnel to connect 2 highways! more roads! I would like someday they make a road for bicycle!

Thank you for your comments!

At 4/1/07 21:03, Blogger mi foto said...

Calma... un poco de paciencia.

At 5/1/07 04:47, Anonymous Anónimo said...

No, no coincidences - just pandering politicians:-(
If it makes you feel better - it is the same all over the world!


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