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Miguel Domingo

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Yesterday at night, I went to see my friend Miguel Domingo and the "Sunday Morning band" concert in Búho Real music bar. Miguel and I met too may years ago and it has been a wonderful experience to be witness of his evolution. He's a great musician and his awesome (spanish) lyrics are just poetry.
In this photo he's playing with César Valencia, an amazing guitarist with magic fingers. And there is also a bass and a piano player who makes such an incredible atmosphere!
I encourage strongly to visit his website and listen to his music (you can download FREE several songs). Also you can watch them lively on youtube, here's the link for the video list. Now it's your turn, hope you like it, see you tomorrow!

Ayer por la noche fui a ver en concierto a mi amigo Miguel Domingo y la "
Sunday Morning band" en la sala Búho Real. Miguel y yo nos conocemos desde hace un montón de años, y ha sido genial ver su imparable evolución. Es un gran músico y su letras son pura poesía.
Aquí sale con César Valencia, un guitarrista alucinante con dedos mágicos. Un bajo y un piano completan sus canciones, llegando a crear una atmósfera increíble!
Yo os recomiendo encarecidamente visitar su web y escuchar su música (puedes descargar varios temas GRATIS) o incluso verlo en directo gracias a youtube, aquí está el link con el índice de los vídeos. Ahora es vuestro turno, espero que os guste, un saludo!

Que si te falta el aire, yo
Dejo de respirar
Que a veces hace falta luz
entre tanta oscuridad
y si me vuelvo a equivocar
déjame dar un paso atrás
un paso atrás

Listening to Miguel Domingo Respiro (con César Valencia)

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At 28/3/07 12:15, Blogger Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Great !!! I like the photo and honestly I think your friend should publish it on his site ('cause this one is better than those I saw on his website) :-)

At 28/3/07 12:30, Blogger Jazzy said...

what a great introduction to your friend Miguel..

At 28/3/07 12:53, Blogger Kala said...

that sounds like a lot of fun - a friend of mine is a musician here too and he got really big - it was great to see him experience the success since he was such a kind person - your friends have a nice sound - I watch the youtubes - amazing how much videos they got uploaded!

At 28/3/07 13:38, Anonymous Miguel Domingo said...

Mile sy millones de gracias por tus palabras. Son impagables....como tú. Un abrazo enorme Mada

At 28/3/07 15:14, Blogger Memories Catcher said...

Great shot.I like it!Great details and contrasts.Well done!

At 28/3/07 15:15, Blogger Lavender Lady said...

YOu are a great salesperson for your friend...even this old lady checked out his website. Nice.

At 28/3/07 15:36, Blogger Lavender Lady said...

Wow, lots of music this week. How fun to see some progress in their art. YOui are a great salesperson...even this old lady checked out his website.

dsole...my brother Denton posted a comment to you on my blog...did he forward it on to you?

At 28/3/07 15:49, Blogger Dsole said...

oh I didn't notice Norma, now I do ;)
Thank u for your comments!

Y gracias Miguelote por pasarte por aquí ;) Un besote

At 28/3/07 15:57, Blogger AinZ said...

awesome picture! I used to go see local bands (mostly friends) performing all the time when I was in the US. That's one of the things I miss...The picture really captures the atmosphere of an intimate show in a small bar. will check out his website when I'm not at work ;-)

At 28/3/07 16:17, Blogger Monica said...

I WILL check his website, I love the sound os spanish words in music, like Alejandro Sans for instance. I love ´Corazón Partío´

"Quién me va a entregar sus emociones? Quién me va a pedir que nunca le abandone?
Quién me tapará esta noche si hace frío? Quién me va a curar el corazón partío?
¿Quién llenará de primaveras este enero,
y bajará la luna para que juguemos?

Just beautiful!

At 28/3/07 16:21, Blogger Monica said...

BTW, if you want you can check those photos I told you about clicking
my photos

At 28/3/07 18:44, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I agree this photo is better than one on his site. I liked the music too. And thank you for visiting my blog.
720 pixels
Brookville Daily Photo

At 28/3/07 19:04, Blogger photowannabe said...

Thanks for the information. You have given him an excellent writeup. I'm on my way there now.

At 28/3/07 19:08, Blogger Olivier said...

nous avons le meme theme aujourd'hui, photos de concerts. je trouve tres belle ta photo, et j'aime bien le ton choisi

we have the same topic today, photographs in concerts. I find very beautiful your photograph, and I like the selected tone

At 28/3/07 20:59, Blogger Ioanna said...

Great photo dsole. I also like your friend's music.

At 29/3/07 00:20, Blogger Dsole said...

thank you for your support! I'll let him know!

At 29/3/07 00:51, Blogger Monica said...

Thanks for the comments Dsole. Too bad those photos you mentioned are only on paper. I've been to Spain, but haven't been in Madri yet. I don't know if I should tell this to a Madri blogger, but in July I'll probably go to Barcelona and I don't think I'll be able to squeeze Madri in my schedule. Oh I can't believe it!

At 29/3/07 01:10, Blogger Monica said...

I saw the comment about the meaning of you nick, and to me Dsole sounds more like 'de sole', or 'de soleil', you know? I think it's nice, it reminds me of sunshine!

At 29/3/07 01:39, Blogger Dsole said...

Monica!! it's a pity that you don't have time for Madrid! I could show you my paper pics! LOL ;)
Barcelona is also a beautiful city... they have the beach I KNOW!
So where places did you know of Spain?
Oh MADrid... lots of awesome places to visit... it worths a journey!

And about my nick... the thing is in spanish we pronounced all the letters (except the "h") so that's why it sound to me like desolée. But your version is more poetic.. :)

At 29/3/07 02:13, Blogger GiuCe said...

q lindo detalle con tu amigo ^^ ...muy fraterno y sincero!!!

ahorita me paso al youtube, que estés bien!

At 29/3/07 03:28, Blogger Annie said...

Hi Dsole. Thank you for introducing this talent to me. I will have to tell some of my friends about him.

At 29/3/07 09:50, Blogger mi foto said...

Felicitaciones a tu amigo, me han gustado mucho los vídeos, es muy buenooo.
De las músicas en el blog ya te avisaré, que ando hacieno pruebas.

At 29/3/07 10:42, Blogger Dsole said...

muchas gracias a todos! :)


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