domingo, julio 02, 2006

It's hot here! / Hace calor

Yesterday many people began their holidays, and thousands of families prepare to leave Madrid for some days. No wonder they flee, in search of the sand & the sea, or of the mountain breeze, because here in Madrid it's terribly hot. The image was taken at 8:18 PM, and the thermometer indicates 34ºC (94ºF). Imagine how we feel at noon!

Mucha gente comenzó ayer sus vacaciones, y miles de familias se preparan para dejar Madrid durante unos días. No me extraña que huyan en busca de la arena y el mar, o de la brisa de las montañas, porque en Madrid hace un calor espantoso. Esta imagen se tomó a las 8:18 de la tarde y el termómetro marca 34ºC. ¡Imaginaos cómo estamos a mediodía!

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At 1/7/06 01:28, Blogger Natalie said...

I was driving out to see my parents and it was 104(F)! I can feel your heat. =)

At 1/7/06 17:06, Anonymous Anne said...

Yeah I can relate...we reach as high as 37 degrees during summer here in Manila!

At 2/7/06 02:20, Blogger Kala said...

that is crazy hot at night!!! I cant imagine - it doesnt even get that hot here at noon - how crazy - OK, I will have to note this on my travel packing list - bring an air conditioner with me on my trip to madrid!

At 2/7/06 09:12, Blogger dutchie said...

That is hot!
They say that with the global heating to come for the next period, the Netherlands will be about as warm as the south of europe, so we'd better start getting ready for temperatures like that.

At 2/7/06 19:55, Blogger Mark said...

Wow that is hot, it's stormy here but there is a nice sea breeze blowing:)

At 2/7/06 20:49, Blogger Caprichi said...

Me encanta tu ciudad pero ya veo que hace calor como en la mia.
Un beso desde Barcelona

At 2/7/06 22:00, Blogger Caz said...

Wow that's hot... I have around 20 degrees and it's enough haha. Check out my new DP blog from Scotland!

At 3/7/06 00:27, Blogger Carmen said...

>Natalie & Anne, people think a warmer climate is something to envy, but now they'll see how wrong they are ;)! Let's survive to this insufferable summer, girls!
>Kala, don't worry, I'll lend you one if you come...or a fan, at least!
>Dutchie, let's try to be optimistic... but enjoy your climate while you can.
>Mark, I'd do just with the sea, I don't even ask for the breeze.
>Caprichi, me iba a Barcelona ahora mismo con calor y todo, vosotros tenéis playa.
>Carol, welcome to the Daily Photo family! How lucky you are, Glasgow is a wonderful city and you're so cool (really and metaphorically)!


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