lunes, julio 24, 2006

Guardian angel

So, this will be my last post for an unknown time. There are some personal reasons for my doing so, but basically I am having too much to do now, I feel quite tired, and posting here -a hobby & something I cherished- has turned more into an obligation. I hope to return some day to do it, when my mood improves somehow. Until then, I am incredibly thankful to all the visitors I've met here. You are all excellent people, and I hope that, like the angel on the pic watches over Madrid, somebody also watches over you. All the best!

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At 25/7/06 00:30, Blogger Kate said...

Carmen, May the guardian angel you posted look over you. Rest, go well, and stay well.

At 25/7/06 02:46, Blogger Denton said...

Carmen, best wishes and please join us again when you are ready.

At 25/7/06 08:33, Anonymous janet said...

quel dommage!
découvrir Madrid sous un angle original et très bien documenté, lire un commentaire en espagnol d'aujourd'hui a été un vrai régal.
je vous souhaite un bon ressourcement et souhaite très sincérement revoir Madrid par vos yeux.
(et puis votre horloge à 24h ne peut pas disparaître comme ça!...).

At 26/7/06 06:01, Blogger edwin s said...

Bless you Carmen. I will miss you. Till we meet again some sunny day.

At 26/7/06 10:19, Blogger Kris said...

Take your time, Carmen! we will be here :)

At 26/7/06 10:50, Blogger Kala said...

Carmen, sad to hear you are not posting anymore - hope you will return soon - you know how to contact me =)

At 26/7/06 14:34, Blogger Neorelix said...

Sorry to lose you Carmen; take care and I hope to see you sometime soon.

At 27/7/06 01:25, Blogger Lucy said...

Sorry to see you go, I myself have moved my efforts to another blog from New York, to
But I will continue to look at the posters on this Daily Photo around the world journal, I have found it to be very inspirational...

At 27/7/06 12:36, Blogger José Antonio Palomares said...

Qué pena. Soy de Madrid pero me gustaba entrar aquí para descubrir detalles de mi ciudad en los que no me había fijado.
¿Y si te buscas una ayuda? Postear tres vecces a la semana no es tan duro como hacerlo siete veces...

At 27/7/06 12:43, Blogger Kim said...

Carmen, thank you for this beautiful image. I wish you well in the days ahead and look forward to hearing more from you when the time is right. Blessings,

At 27/7/06 23:09, Blogger Chris said...

Angel magnifico que dejas detras. Te esperemos.

See you soon

At 29/7/06 14:10, Anonymous Nathan B. said...

You have a nice blog, and after so many daily posts you certainly deserve a break. I hope that you will return, not least for my selfish reason that I'm still hoping for pictures of the first chess computer!

Anyway, good luck with everything.

At 4/8/06 09:15, Blogger Kala said...

came by to see if you changed your mind and started posting again =)

Hope ur having a great summer!

At 4/8/06 11:58, Blogger MoonSoleil said...

Thank you so much for your kind wishes!
All the best to you, too, and I hope you'll soon be better and find inspiration to go on taking your incredible pictures.
Let us know when you should go on!

At 13/8/06 21:36, Blogger Erwin said...

Thanks alot Carmen. God Bless You!

At 18/8/06 06:20, Blogger Randy said...

Your blog is an inspiration. I will wait with excitment until your next photo.

Be at peace and come back strong.

At 25/8/06 10:57, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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At 5/9/06 08:23, Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said...

I will miss your beautiful photographs. I agree when it is no longer fun - let it go.

At 29/11/06 06:32, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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