viernes, julio 21, 2006


A very ornate entrance. I like these houses very much, as you may have noticed. Nevertheless, this one's not as ornate as the one Ham publishes today.

Una entrada con mucha ornamentación. Me encantan estas casas, como ya habréis notado. de todas formas, esta no está tan decorada como la que hoy publica Ham.

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At 22/7/06 15:48, Blogger edwin s said...

I love it! And did you know, in Chinese, 28 loosely means 'get rich easily'?

At 23/7/06 09:59, Blogger Kala said...

the details are fabulous!

At 24/7/06 00:45, Blogger Natalie said...

That face looks very serious.

At 24/7/06 09:22, Blogger santy said...

I agree with Kala...what a detail! very nice.

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