lunes, junio 19, 2006

The eco-friendly bear / El oso ecológico

All the bears are, of course, eco-friendly, but this one is specially so. Not a clue about what I mean? Well, tomorrow I'll give you the answer. By the way, the bear is a symbol of Madrid, and appears in its coat of arms (some people say that the bear is, actually, a female one). Other cities, like Berlin or Bern, have bears as their symbols. If you know more of them, let me know!

Desde luego, todos los osos son ecológicos, pero este lo es más aún. Si no tenéis ni idea de lo que quiero decir, mañana os daré la solución. Por cierto, el oso es un símbolo de Madrid, y aparece en su escudo, aunque muchos dicen que, en realidad, es una osa. Otras ciudades, como Berlín o Berna tienen como símbolo un oso; si sabéis de alguna más, decídmelo.

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At 19/6/06 11:46, Blogger Kris said...

female bear, that's cool!
awaiting your next post:)

At 19/6/06 11:49, Anonymous Anne said...

Cute bear :)

At 19/6/06 13:16, Blogger midnitebara said...

I love my teddy bear that my sister gave me but I cant say for the real things. That bust is cute though!!

Anyway akita city's symbol is the cedar tree. we even have a cedar tree mascot called " sugichi ".


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