domingo, junio 18, 2006

Don Juan

No, this is not about Don Juan, the spanish mythical seducer, but about don Juan de Borbón, Count of Barcelona, father of King Juan Carlos. This is the monument dedicated to him in Madrid. The bust, by spanish sculptor Víctor Ochoa, is placed -quite appropiately- in front of the Juan Carlos I Park . You can learn more about don Juan's biography here.

A more general view of the monument here, and a closer one here.

No, no se trata de Don Juan, el mítico seductor español, sino de don Juan de Borbón, conde de Barcelona, padre del rey don Juan Carlos. Este es el monumento dedicado a él en Madrid. El busto, obra del escultor Víctor Ochoa, está situado, muy adecuadamente, frente al Parque Juan Carlos I. Aquí encontarás más sobre la biografía de don Juan.

Una vista más general del monumento aquí, y un primer plano aquí.

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At 18/6/06 18:07, Blogger Edwin Sumun said...

great bust! I like how it's mounted. as if his head is bursting through a wall.

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At 18/6/06 22:37, Blogger Carlos said...

Good shot! I agree with Edwin. Thanks for the link. The information you provide will be helpful and interesting for visitors of both cities.

At 19/6/06 17:32, Blogger Lisi said...

great statue!

At 20/6/06 20:07, Blogger Kala said...

for a minute, I thought it wasDon Juan the seducer until I read your post - amazing statue the way it stands out like that - it would have been interesting to have someone next to it just to get a sense of perspective. =)
It looks quite large.


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